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Mira Star

Spiritual Healer
Healing transmissions for awakening souls
Hi, I’m Mira Star the founder, and director of Expand your Light. I am an awakened individual who is connected to depths of consciousness that are within alternate dimensions and at higher frequencies beyond physical awareness. 

My Story

Hello, I am Mira Star. I have come here at this time to share the frequency of where I am at currently at this time. I have I’m being studying and embodying healing and meditation for more than 20 years now. I started as a bodyworker in the late 1990s in my early twenties. The beautiful art of working with the human body and allowing change and holding space for individuals to heal and transform has been incredibly healing and transformative for my own system and I have continued to grow and evolve over my entire life span.

 I had many dreams and connections with beings in my early childhood. This was a very profound open Channel and spiritual connection that was clear at this time. Over years of various trauma this channel closed somewhat but beginning in my 20s it began to reopen and the stories of my soul and the openings and closings over these years have evolved me to a place where I can speak to many different areas that a person has walked through life. My current mission is to assist the universe, Mother Earth Gaia and the individuals throughout the planet to evolve awaken ascend to higher and higher frequencies of being.

My Values & Beliefs


Our life is a reflection of our devotion. If we spend our time in service, meditation, spiritual practices and love for those who we care about.


When we allow the soul to fully penetrate every aspect of the physical body and expand through the energetic bodies then we will experience heightened awareness and frequency that will allow flow through a beautiful alignment of our truth.


It is clear through observing our patterns and processes what we are currently devoted to in our lives. When we examine our deepest values, we can easily align our lives with these true values and this will create the foundation for our devotional experience.


Allowing silence into our lives creates space for attunement and recalibration of the system. We clearly see what distortions arise and the clarity of our direction becomes perfect.

My Approach

I have many modalities that I call upon depending on the individual that I am working with at that time. I have deeply partnered with the akashic realm and my akashic guides to bring forth guidance and direction from the highest realms for the greatest good of all. I currently work in ceremony, in meditation and in healing sessions with individuals and groups. I also hold group Gatherings of a single individual session, weekly programs and even month-long processes.

Many individuals choose to join groups because they enjoy the Transmissions as well as the interactions and connections with the other beings who are drawn to my frequency. If you connect with my work and my frequency and you wish to meditate with me to see if you resonate West me then please contact me below. 

Divine Star Session

Beautiful testimonials from Divine Star Sessions. Miracle coordinate San Fracisco.

Core Star Experience & Meditation

10 minute sampler of powerful 40 video.

Expand Your Light

Eye Gazing

Expand Your Light

Our Team

Alissa Ra

In loving service to humanity & the earth <3
Akashic Channelling, Healing & Source Sound Activations. These ceremonies Awaken all of Wi, all of humanity to our highest human potential and they assist the Ascension of Gaia, Mother Earth

Sophia BlueStar Kachina

Miracle Magic and sound medicine weaver
122112 Hopi prophecy wisdom keeper
Boundless Beauty Timeless
Heaven is Freedom

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