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Welcome to Expand Your Light. We are so pleased to meet with you. Mira Star is an intuitive soul channel. She is an awakened individual who is at all times connected to depths of consciousness that are within alternate dimensions and at higher frequencies beyond physical awareness. She moves into Akashic and Shamanic Realms, alternate dimensions and trance states of consciousness. Information pours through her system as well as wisdom from angelic or galactic beings. Booking Calendar is below.

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How to Reside Fully in Your Body

During this meditation and healing activation we work with two very ancient practices.

The practices together teach us to be wholely in our bodies and in turn the body and the mind clutter that many of us carry in our systems effortlessly can go away.

10 minute Core Star Chakra Healing Meditation

10 minute Core Star Chakra Healing Meditation. Discussion before meditation.Β 

I talk for a few minutes about my experience with the core star before we begin the meditation. πŸŒΈπŸŒˆπŸ’žπŸŒˆ

10-10 Throat Chakra Opening

10-10 New Moon, October Energies. Throat Chakra, Voice Opening Light Language and Channeling. With the new moon energies I am feeling deep transformation. What is coming through is how to allow Divine Alignment by trusting our voice of truth.Β 

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