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Assisting You On Your Spiritual Journey

Akashic Healing

We offer Individual Channeled Healing Sessions,
Group Healings and Activations.
Partnering with the Akashic Records is a powerful modality to see our distortions, release any blocks and transform our lives.

Light Language Activation

We offer individual activation sessions guided by Source. Light codes come through in the form of sound and voice, singing, hand and body movements, mudras and tuning into chakras and the aura of the individual.


Work with us and become a Practitioner or Teacher of Powerful Healing Energy Modalities or Akashic Records.

Guiding You Through Your Powerful Transformation

Unlock Your Full Potential.

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Akashic Channeling and Guidance


Powerful Energy Healing Sessions


Light Language Activation Sessions


Embodiment Training through Movement and Yoga


Mentorship, Practitioner Trainings and Group Work


Akashic Channelling

Allow the powerful Akashic Guides to bring through messages from the Divine

Energy Medicine Healing

Clear energies and distortions in your field to allow for alignment and embodiment

Light Language Activation

Allow shifts in consciousness and release of all distortion through powerful light codes guided by Source. This brings peace, clarity, and awareness to your journey at this time.

Movement & Embodiment

Allow for the release of traumatic patterns from your past through movement

Meditation Counselling

Deepen your practices through guided meditation counselling sessions

What are the Akashic Records?
What is Energy Healing?
What is Light Language?

These are some of our frequently asked questions which we will answer here. For more information, visit the Contact Page and get in touch with me!

What is Energy Healing?
Energy Healing is a combination of modalities that work with the energetic and electromagnetic field around the human body or any other system that the healing is being directed to. It can clear residue or shadows that can be residing within an individual’s energy body. This can have profound effects on the many aspects of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
What is Light Language?
Light language is the cosmic, universal language of Source Consciousness. Light is information from the universe. Light codes come through sound and movement into the body. We allow Light language to channel through the body, the vessel to transmit powerful healing activation information to transform the collective consciousness and the individual journey.
What are Akashic Records?
The Akashic realm is the dimensional space where access to any information about anyone or anything can be accessed in regards to past, present or future. The practitioner deepens to a certain level of consciousness and calls in the guides, guardians and teachers to assist at that time for the information being called upon.
How can working with the Akashic Records help me?
When channeling the records with the help of powerful Akashic guides and guardians, we encounter information that is coming from Source Consciousness. This can illuminate the truth and help guide us to make choices that are in our full alignment in order to unlock our full potential.
What can I expect from partnering with the Akashic records through mentorship with Mira Star?
If you’re here on this page you are very likely a Soul Innovator. Soul Innovators are people who are here to make a change on this planet and have a great impact. If you are ready to be held in support to make a major transformation in your life, to clear all the paradigms and step into the powerful, innovative success that you are here for then partnering with the Akashic records through a mentorship with Mira Star is what you’re looking for!

About Me

Hi there! I am Mira Star.

I am a Transformational Spirit – Embodiment Mentor, and an International Soul Journey Retreat Guide.

I also teach practitioners powerful healing modalities to work at a deeper level with your clients.

I have been working in the field of healing, bodywork and energy work for 20+ years. I currently offer Akashic Channeled Activations and Teachings.


“I came away with clarity for myself that released long-held beliefs that had been limiting me for years. This deeper understanding of self came from Mira Star’s guided inner work… and her intuitive and compassionate guidance. This gift of time for yourself will give you a deep inner rest so that you return to your life with a true sense of alignment and self-compassion.” - Johanna Lynn

“I am blown away by Mira Star, I have just absolutely fallen in love with her, the ability to heal, help and serve in such a loving and kind way. She takes you on this journey and she holds your hand and as you do something that may not be familiar or different in a way that changes your entire perspective on the healing process.I wish her love and light and hope you enjoyed your session with her as much as I did.” - Dr. Meredith Watson

Online Resources

Divine Star Session

Beautiful testimonials from Divine Star Sessions. Miracle coordinate San Fracisco.

Core Star Experience & Meditation

10 minute sampler of powerful 40 video.

Expand Your Light

Eye Gazing

Find Your Embodiment.
Find Your Divine Alignment.

Begin a deep partnering with the Akashic records through Mira Star’s soulful channeling work and spiritual counsel. 

A mentorship with Mira Star will open up a whole level of awareness and connect you with powerful guides, guardians and teachers who will assist you on your path of awakening and opening to your innovative success.

Assisting You On Your Spiritual Journey

Expand your Light with Mira Star

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